The Diabetes and Fasting Campaign was concluded on Thursday April 14, 2016 which was under the patronage of the President of the University Dr. Abdullah Al Rubaish, the campaign started on Tuesday and continued for three days, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Diabetes and Endocrine Consultants Dr. Dania Al Khafaji and Dr. Reem Al Argan, in cooperation with the Health Education department, represented by Fatimah Al Awami, Fatimah Zain Al Deen, and Manal Al Kaka.

Dr. Walid Al Bker the head of Internal Medicine Department in King Fahad University Hospital declared that the role of a Muslim doctor is to understand the difficulties that diabetic patients suffer during fasting and to guide them in making their effort easier, to educate them scientifically, health wise, and psychologically.

Prof. Abdulmihsin Al Alag, chair of the campaign’s organization committee mentioned that “fasting Ramadan could lead to some serious complications and I usually advise diabetic patients in this issue therefore, in order for a patient to fast he/she must be advised by their doctor in a pre-Ramadan consultation to make specific adjustments two months before Ramadan. Dr. Dania Al Khafaji a Diabetics and Endocrine Consultant and the campaign organizer added that “a diabetic patient goes through different periods where he needs special attention and one of them is during fasting Ramadan and we as doctors wish to help them achieve this period safely and smoothly.

Zaki Hashim an organizer in the campaign mentioned that “we relied in this campaign on interactive booths instead of depending on conventional methods in order to simplify the information and to keep it lively in their mind. The campaign was designed and decorated to give the spirit of Ramadan in order to prepare the patients for Ramadan. A number of student volunteers from the College of Medicine participated in the campaign.

The campaign consisted of many booths which were; Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Acute Complications, Diabetes Devices and Follow Ups, Portable Pancreas, and Gestational Diabetes.
Zainab Al Mahdi affirmed to the importance of a periodical Neurosis examination for Diabetic patients, and during the campaign patients were examined for free.
Finally, the General Coordinator of the campaign Ahmed Mohammed Al Muslami thanked the volunteers for their efforts in making the campaign a success.

Diabetes and Fasting Educational Video

Diabetes and Fasting Report Video

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Published on: 21 April 2016
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