IAU Achieves The First Position as the Most Registered Government Entity on The Volunteering Platform

Government entities on the volunteering platform within an event organized by the branch of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development of the Eastern Region Province in cooperation with the Eastern Region Council for Social Responsibility in conjunction with the Ministry of Human Resources celebrations of Saudi and international volunteering day under the slogan "Ata’a Watan" on Saturday 20/4/1442H, 5/12/2020. 

The Dean of Community Service and Sustainable Development, Prof. Fatma Al-Mulhim, said this achievement is an addition to a series of achievements the University has achieved in all fields. This achievement, which is the first position in the volunteering platform, is an indication of the interest of the University and its representatives in the importance of this sector, in which many members of society interact to serve the country and promote the culture of volunteerism, one of the most important items of the ambitious vision of the Kingdom 2030. The University of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal has many of its members, students, and faculty, who volunteer in various diverse fields, and this is evidence of the importance of the University's leadership role in the region on all levels and fields. This recognition came within the framework of the University's endeavor to integrate with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, which made fruitful and valuable efforts to frame volunteerism in the Kingdom through the voluntary platform as an active voluntary sector and a contributor to sustainable development.

The Vice Dean of Community Service and Sustainable Development Deanship,  Dr. Youssef Bin Omar Al-Rashed, who received the Honoring Shield on behalf of his Excellency the President of the University Prof. Abdullah M. Al Rubaish, said the University's achievement of the first position and the honoring took place are thanks to God and the guidance of its President;  Vice Dean of Studies, Development, and Community Service, Prof. Abdullah Alkadi; the Dean of Community Service and Sustainable Development, Prof. Fatma Al-Mulhim; and the University's staff in its academic, health, administrative and service establishments as active contributors to serve the  University, society, and the country by seeking to spread the culture of volunteerism, increase the numbers of volunteers and create qualitative and innovative volunteer opportunities from services that meet urgent societal needs.  

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Published on: 17 December 2020
Last update on: 10 January 2021