During four days UoD Health Club members examined 1100 intermediate and high school students in Al Khobar district this was in accordance with the Saudi Diabetes & Endocrine Association program. The volunteers examined students’ blood sugar and blood pressure, and they measured their height and weight.

The health club leader Ahmed Al Muslami mentioned that “Seventy Health Club members examined 300 students from Al-Kisa'I High School in Al Khobar, 250 students from Al Khobar Courses High School, 300 students from Al Khobar Intermediate School in Madinat Al Umal, and 250 students from Al-Thuqbah High School. The volunteering hours amounted up to 270 hours within four days.”

Nedal Al Hababi head of the field committee added that “This activity is considered one of the Health Club’s important activities which was executed in cooperation with a number of different related agencies. The volunteers were enthusiastic about this activity because of their desire of developing their selves and to serving the community by educating students to the importance of maintaining a good health by avoiding unhealthy meals which might result in a high blood sugar or blood pressure level."

The Deanship of Students Affairs
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Published on: 18 May 2016
Last update on: 20 March 2017
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