A group of students from Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University participate in Rafad Project in cooperation with Wud Charity Foundation. The foundation invited students to participate in the project that aims at repainting several homes in Al Khobar with the first coat to allow specialists to finish repainting and start the second stage of the project; which is beautifying some of the neighborhood's homes by turning the houses into masterpieces with the help of various artists from the Eastern Province.

Dr. Ebtisam Al Mathal director of the Office for University Administrative Development mentioned that "the foundation contacted the University to invite student volunteers to participate in the project due to the importance of volunteer work that is considered one of the aspects of community service that the University is keen on and constantly encourages its students to fulfill. IAU was eager to participate in the Rafad Project because it was very influential and benefited the district and the volunteers as well, where it helped them in developing their self-confidence, group work skills and it was considered a national service that promotes the concept of patriotism.

The cooperation between the foundation and the University aimed to join hands and combine efforts to create a cooperative community between participants and a suitable number of students volunteered to help and who will receive a certificate with the number of hours they've worked. Finally, this project is considered one of many projects provided by the University to charity foundations.