Congratulations to Members of UoD's Administration!

Congratulations are in order to the employees of the University of Dammam, led by HE, the President of the University, Dr. Abdullah Bin Muhammad Al Rubaish, whose dedication and continuous efforts led to the signing of the strategic memorandum of understanding between the University of Dammam and Saudi Aramco. This landmark feat was accomplished by the grace of God the Almighty.   On Monday, the 7th of Raby’ al-awal, 1436 AH or December 29, 2014 CE, the President of the University, Dr. Abdullah Bin Muhammad Al Rubaish signed a mutual cooperation memorandum with the Arabian Saudi Oil Company, Saudi Aramco, which was represented by the President and CEO Mr. Khaled A. Al-Falih. This historic memorandum establishes a strategic cooperative relationship between UoD and Aramco by using the distinctive expertise and advanced capabilities of both parties in developing the fields of:  education: teaching and learning, research, academic and applied studies, professional and managerial development, entrepreneurship, innovation and community service.  This newly established relationship will enrich and broaden the capabilities of both the University of Dammam and Saudi Aramco and with the grace of God will evolve into a multidimensional relationship that will serve the Kingdom. 

On Monday morning, the 14th of Raby’ al-Awal AH/January 5, 2015 the first preparatory meetings took place in order to start the implementation of the memorandum items under the auspices of the University’s President, Dr. Rubaish and attended by administrators, deans, center directors and department heads.  Saudi Aramco presented five working papers, which were followed by five interactive workshops that concentrated on various aspects of the memorandum between the two parties.  The workshop themes included:  1) Education: teaching and learning, 2) The academic research and applied studies axis, 3) The administrative professional development axis, 4) Entrepreneurship and innovation and 5) Community service and participation.

The intent of this meeting was the exchange of knowledge, experience and viewpoints from both parties with regard to the various areas of potential cooperation.  Participants included faculty and administrators from the Univesity as well as managers, administrators and staff from Saudi Aramco.

This meeting is the first of many in a proposed plan of action to initiate the terms of the memorandum and God willing, the next meeting is planned for next Monday, the 21st of Raby’ al-awal/January 12, 2015. The third and final preparatory meeting is planned for January 25, 2015, where five joint operational plans will be announced.   

The Office of the Vice President for Studies, Development and Community Service thanked Saudi Aramco for their outstanding cooperation and involvement in these crucial preparatory meetings while highlighting one of the joint objectives of this strategic partnership, which is to achieve the sustainable development goals of the University’s community as well as for the nation.