Learn & Enjoy

The Department of English Language in the College of Education, Jubail held a community service activity under the title “Learn & Enjoy” on Sunday 19 Rabi I, 1438 H.
The activity included 12 corners at the Blue Hall, where each corner aimed at teaching different Mathematical and Linguistic skills through games.
Around 100 people benefited from the activity including Intermediate students and English language school teachers.

A Morning at the Library

On Thursday 21 Rabi I, 1438 H, the Librarian Alaty Almutairy held a program at the College of Education under the name of “A Morning at the Library”.
The program aimed at celebrating the National Day of the Arabic Language as well as briefing students on the services that are provided by the library.
The program consisted of various booths such as: a booth that displayed the new arrivals in the library, a booth that distributed brochures which explain the library's services and a booth for calligraphy where students displayed their talents.
Furthermore, the activity motivated students to visit the library and read more and to spread the idea of the importance of our Arabic Language.

Seeing You is a Pleasure

The Guidance and Counseling Unit at the College of Education, Jubail held a program “Seeing You is a Pleasure” on 13-14 Rabi I, 1438H. The activity aimed at raising awareness to reject discrimination and racism.
The activity included watching a movie called “Zootopia”, Zootopia's main theme is about discrimination and how it effects societies. There was a ticket booth in Building (C) where the audience could buy a ticket and get some information about the movie.
There were also two food stands, that sold snacks in front of the theater. When the movie ended, the students got to write their comments on a board outside of the theater.

Childhood Friends Camp

The Vice Deanship of Student Affairs in the College of Education held a Childhood Friends Camp on Wednesday 22 Rabi I, 1438H.
The targeted group were administrators and faculty members. The activity aimed at remembering the beautiful past. The camp included a variety of booths:

  • Oldies Café: it served different kinds of coffees, such as Arabian, French and Turkish coffee.
  • Oldies Cartoons:  it played several old animated cartoons
  • Classic Dishes: it served Classic foods.
  • Olden Days Games: it displayed old games and allowed students to experience them.
  • A General Knowledge Contest: Students from both the Kindergarten and Special Education department were divided into two 10-member teams. They were asked general noncurricular questions.
  • Olden Days Market: it served sweets and candies from the past.
  • Olden Days Photographs: administrators and faculty members brought their childhood photos and decorated them beautifully.

Healthy Lifestyle for University Students

The Vice Deanship of Student Affairs and represented by the Science Pioneers Club held “Healthy Lifestyle for University Students” event on Tuesday 14 Rabi I, 1438 H at the College of Education, Jubail.
The event aimed at educating students on ways to live a healthy life. The event consisted of three booths:
Healthy Sleeping habits, Religion & Spiritual, Sports, Healthy Nutrition Nourishes the Brain, Psychological Security and a booth for Expressing Feelings.
The event targeted students from the College and Al Hassan Schools' students.

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Published on: 26 March 2017
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