On the 1st anniversary of the Royal Decree allowing women to drive, a Saudi / British research team publishes the preliminary findings of the research project: She Drives KSA.

It has been a year since the issuing of a Royal Decree allowing women to drive in Saudi Arabia.
To mark this anniversary, a Saudi/British research team led by the Dean of Community Services and Sustainable Development, Associate Professor of Geography of Transport and Geographic Information Systems at Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal University (IAU), Dr.Najah Moqbel Al-Qarawi, published a report on the initial findings of a research project titled: The Impact of Women Driving on Sustainable Development and Traffic Safety in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia “SHE Drives KSA - Phase 1.” The report records and documents the transitional period prior to permitting women's driving. The first phase of this research project was launched before allowing women driving on 10/10/1439 AH - 24th 6/2018 and is conducted in partnership between IAU and the University College London (UCL).

This report is a survey of the 13 regions of KSA. This survey includes reactions and perceptions of both females and males regarding the impact of women driving on the sustainable development and traffic safety in the Kingdom, and how this reflects on the empowerment of women to achieve Vision 2030. The report presents a number of readings about women's intention to obtain driving licenses, the potential economic and social impact on households’ privately employed drivers, and on the car market. It further provides a number of findings and conclusions that could serve as a future forecast for decision makers in KSA. These findings and conclusions assist the decision makers in developing strategies and enacting laws and regulations that can contribute to activating the dimensions of sustainable development, enhancing the concepts of traffic safety and achieving quality of life, and thus reducing public expenditure in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The detailed report results of the first phase of the survey can be found on the webpage link of the research project “She Drives KSA”.