The President of the University of Dammam and the General Supervisor of King Fahad University Hospital Dr. Abdullah Al Rubaish inaugurated on Wednesday May 4, 2016 the 1st Peritoneal Dialysis Conference titled “Comparison between Local and International Expertise”. The conference was organized by the Dialysis Section in the Internal Medicine Department in cooperation with the Saudi Society of Nephrology & Transplantation.

Dr. Al Rubaish mentioned that “Peritoneal Dialysis was first used in King Fahad University Hospital in 2006 and during a short period the Nephrology Department became professional in this field and were able to share their experiences and provide the necessary equipment. This conference included a number of Nephrology consultants and specialists. It concentrated on Peritoneal Dialysis as an available choice for Dialysis patients. International expertise from Canada, USA, India, Turkey and Oman as well as local expertise were discussed and shared among attendees.

Dr. Abdullah Al Huwaish, Head of the Organizing Committee and the Peritoneal Dialysis Section said that “The conference consisted of speakers from different countries as well as participants from various hospitals in the Eastern Province and they presented a number of scientific researches and papers concerning the latest developments in the field. The targeted group in the conference were doctors; especially Nephrology and Transplant specialists, nurses, interns and medical students.

Dr. Al Huwaish declared that “The purpose behind this conference was to spread the knowledge of Peritoneal Dialysis for Nephrology patients in order to educate them on the best choices available out there as well as to share experiences and to express the Kingdom’s interest in this field. This field is recognized widely because it has many benefits, such as; making the patient’s everyday life easier, protecting the remaining part of the kidney, makes it easier for patients to get around, to work, and to get things done.

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Published on: 05 June 2016
Last update on: 22 June 2016
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