The College of Arts in Imam AbdulRahman Bin Faisal University has held a workshop entitled "The College of Arts' Strategic Plan 2020-2025" on Sunday, May 10, 2020. The workshop was presented by Dr. Meshael Alokly, Dean of the College of Arts and attended by the University's Vice-President for Female Students Affairs, heads of academic departments, and several attendees from the public and private sector.

Dr. Meshael Alokly welcomed the audience and thanked them for attending the workshop and started off by mentioning the College of Arts' five-years plan that will focus on accomplishing the College's main objectives, namely, improving the process of teaching & learning, increasing the scientific research productivity, enhancing community partnerships and achieving the College's supplementary objectives (human development, constructed environment sustainability, administrative development, financial enhancement, and technical development).

Dr. Meshael Alokly clarified that the College's eight strategic objectives include university performance dimensions and it complies with the University's strategic plan that is in line with the Kingdom's aspiring 2030 Vision. Furthermore, 92 initiatives and 19 executive projects were laid down to achieve the objectives as well as 94 indicators for project performance to measure the quality of the strategic plan implementation.
A discussion session was open for attendees to share their opinions and ideas for the fast implementation of the strategic plan, graduate-related developmental proposals, and to participate in the survey attached in the workshop's program.

Finally, the Dean expressed her gratitude to the attendees for their participation in the Strategic Plan Workshop with the support of the President of the University Dr. Abdullah Al-Rubaish.