Over 1450 preparatory year students from the University of Dammam attended the intense No Smoking Campaign, the third and final campaign for the fall semester organized by the Deanship of Preparatory and Supporting Studies for students throughout the University. The event was held in the Deanship’s building and attendance exceeded the original projection of 450 students. 

As Dr. Abdulaziz Al Faehaid, the Dean of the Preparatory Year and Supporting Studies, stated in his opening remarks, “This campaign demonstrates UOD’s commitment to making their students aware of the inherent health risks of smoking in the near and long terms as well as demonstrating the financial toll this habit takes.” 

The campaign consisted of four booths that concentrated on various aspects of smoking and drug awareness.  One booth focused on the percentage of carbon dioxide in the lungs that is caused by smoking as well as the overall percentage of nicotine in the body.

Dr. Al Fehaid commented, “The Deanship’s faculty assisted a number of students on how to advise their fellow students on the dangers of smoking.  Students visited classrooms, smoking areas, and parking lots across the University and engaged their peers on the consequences of smoking. Through this campaign we were able to get our message across to 70% of the students and we in the Deanship are committed to raising the level of awareness on the dangers of smoking to all of the students and help them quit smoking.”

Deanship of Prepartory and Supporting Studies
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Published on: 28 December 2015
Last update on: 08 January 2016
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