The Deanship of University Educational Development at the University of Dammam recently concluded its Professional Development Program for faculty members of the general education section.  This program included seven workshops over two days where 158 teachers participated.   Programs like this are part of the University of Dammam’s focus on engaging the community in its services.

The Dean of the Office of University Educational Development, Dr. Omar Mohammed Muammar, stated that,  “This two day workshop on the development of the administrative skills provided school principals and others in the basics of leadership, identifying the most important leadership concepts, while incorporating creative interactive activities. Two additional workshops that focused on female teachers were added, since the interest in the program exceeded original expectations and the Deanship of University Educational Development did not want to turn away any registrant.    A survey will be conducted to assess the needs of the general education faculty with regards to professional development programs in order to establish and develop an annual professional development program for the coming years, that will also fulfill the University's Vision and Mission pertaining to serving the local community.  

Professor Mohamed Al Ashkar noted, “This program was characterized by the variety of speakers, the accuracy of the given concepts and the exciting activities that the participants benefited from and enjoyed at the same time.” Also, Dr. Abdulah Aseri commented, “The program was characterized by interaction, learning through playing and entertainment, which is an easy way to deliver leadership concepts."  He highlighted the importance of the workshops, such as the ones entitled:  Brain Based Learning Theory and Student Evaluations along with discussions on the VAK Learning Style that categorizes students into three categories:  Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.  The presentation on Hermann’s The Whole Brain Model and how to apply these kinds of models in the teachers' classes everyday were also crucial parts of the program.

Four workshops for female teachers in integrative education and in active classroom administration were also given during the two day program.

Deanship of Academic Development
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Published on: 21 June 2015
Last update on: 21 September 2015
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