The Medical Team in KFUH, led by Dr. Hanan Al-Ghamdi, Obesity & Hepatobiliary Consultant Surgeon was able to remove a large Pancreatic Tumor that weighed 4.5 kilos and was 24 cm long.

Dr. Al-Ghamdi mentioned that the difficulty they faced in the operation was that the tumor spread to the spleen, abdomen and a large part of the Colon and on the membrane of the Kidney. A full removal was done and needed intestinal pathologies were achieved and the healthy part of the pancreas was saved and kept intact so that the risk of becoming a diabetic or the risk of pancreatic failure will reduce. The tissue report pointed out that the tumor is a rare type where only 10 cases are registered in the scientific resources. The patient recovered without any complications and was discharged from the hospital in good health. The operation lasted for 6 hours and the tumor is considered the largest tumor ever recorded in the world.

Dr. Al-Ghamdi affirmed that King Fahad University Hospital in Al Khobar is keen on providing health care to all its patients and the hospital consists of a team of highly experienced and qualified Saudi doctors in various specialties who are proud and honored to serve their country and its people.