Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, represented by the Directorate of Community Partnership, has launched the competition "University’s Jude" for the second year targeting volunteer teams of female students, in partnership with Women's Charitable Association “Joud” celebrating Saudi and International Volunteering Day on Sunday, 17 Jumada II 1444,11 December 2022, during a ceremony held at the University headquarters under the patronage of the Vice President for Development and Community Partnership, Dr. Nihad Al-Omair, and the presence of the Chairman of “Joud”, Mrs. Jawhara bint Saad Al-Manqour.

Dr. Nihad Al-Omair emphasized the role of the University in achieving the Kingdom leader's goals towards the community and the responsible citizen to reach 1 million volunteers. Therefore, the University was keen to promote this approach and lead this movement, and gave community service a great deal of attention as big as the aspirations and hopes expected from the edifices of education and its outputs, so the university included community service in its mission, values, and objectives and made its plans centered on enhancing the participation of its employees in the service of their communities and finding ways to encourage and stimulate, and expand integration and partnership with different sectors, in pursuit of quality and leadership in societal contributions with a cross-cutting impact and broad-based beneficiary base.

Dr. Al-Omair also stated that the University monitors its performance and societal contribution through indicators that ensure continuous development and expansion, in local and regional competitions. It received several community awards and was honored for the second year at the first place in the National Award for Volunteering at the University and Education Departments in the course of projects and the activation of volunteerism, and this prompts us to give more.

The Director of the Community Partnership Department, Mrs. Najah Al Mihemid, expressed how important it is for the University to collaborate Women's Charitable Association “Joud” in launching this kind of enhanced volunteerism opportunity through “University’s Joud" competition, which aims at embrace and enhance the role of volunteering teams of female students and working to qualify female leaders for volunteering and developing the aspect of innovation and social creativity that maximizes the impact and sustains its, which is the biggest goal of community service. She also emphasized the role of college leaders in continuing their habit of encouraging and motivating female students in engaging in this competition as the hope of the future and as an asset in building and developing society.

Mrs. Jawhara Al-Manqour indicated that “Joud” is keeping pace with the goal of the national transformation program to promote volunteerism to achieve the objectives of the vision through the "University’s Joud" award, which aspires to invest the potential of university students to contribute positively by creating systematic voluntary services and building their abilities to carry out voluntary projects under the supervision of experts and specialists through a fruitful partnership with Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University.

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Published on: 13 February 2023
Last update on: 13 February 2023
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