Two hundred students from the University of Dammam’s College of Medicine, recently acted as ambassadors of health, enlightening over 3,000 visitors to the Complementary Medicine Exhibit at the Al Rashid Mall.  Dr. Abdullah M. Al Rubaish, the President of the University of Dammam officially opened this innovative exhibition with Dr. Ali Al Sultan, the Dean of the College of Medicine and the Chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine and Dr. Shaher Al Sheri, the General Supervisor for the exhibition in attendance. 

UoD’s medical students gave informative presentations and fielded questions about complementary and alternative medicine from the visitors at the 13 booths that covered topics, such as:  the use of honey and other bee products, treatments that used dairy and camel products, traditional medicine, what treatments are described in the Sunnah, Islamic and Arab medicine, non-traditional therapies, the use of herbs and herbal blends, aromatherapy and aromatic oils, the benefits of healthy nutrition, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, osteopathy, the use and effectiveness of green tea, ginger and olive oil in the treatment of illnesses and a overview of medicine used in different cultures, including:  Chinese, Indian and Greek.

The event began with a brief summary of the exhibition’s history by Ahmed Mohamed Al Muslami stating that, “The preparation for the Complementary Medicine Exhibit began back in Ramadan with a series of meetings and brainstorming sessions regarding topics that would not only be of interest but also useful for the attendees.”  After touring the exhibition, Dr. Al Rubaish expressed how impressed he was with what the medical students had achieved in this exhibition, stressing the significance of what the students had accomplished by offering this vital information to the people in the community.

Dr. Shaher Al Shehri, the General Supervisor of this well-attended event stated, “The remarkable success of this event, from the quality of the presentations, to the large turnout is the result of the tireless efforts of the students.” 

The Chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine, Dr. Sameeh M. Al Almaie, also noted, “This exhibition has allowed the Department to achieve one of its main goals, of preparing and properly equipping our medical students for the real world, where they will consult face-to-face with the community.  Over 200 students from the College of Medicine participated in this event that is a part of the third and fourth year medical students’ field training.”  Dr. Almaie continued, stating, “This exhibit was a sequel to a previous successful exhibit and God willing, we will continue to have many more informative exhibitions in the future.”  Dr. Almaie concluded by expressing his appreciation to the students.

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Published on: 12 November 2015
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