The University of Dammam's 2nd Annual Career Forum had over 15,000 visitors, where over the course of four days, 116 companies recruited prospective employees.  The 2015 Career Forum was sponsored by HRH Prince Saud Ibn Naif Ibn Abdulaziz and his wife Princess Abeer Faisal Ibn Turki and was organized by the University of Dammam.  The majority of the visitors were UoD students, along with UoD graduates and students from other universities.  Roughly 65% of the attendees were female with male students making up the difference.  
Dr. Abdullah Ibn Hussain Alkadi, the Vice President for Graduate Studies, Development and Community Service stated that, "The exhibition met the high goals that were set in every aspect and that the record setting attendance numbers exceeded expectations."  Dr. Alkadi expressed his hope that in the coming years, this Forum would continue to grow and expand the range of services offered.  He noted that the faculty and staff at UoD play a significant role by promoting UoD's accomplished and professional graduates from all academic fields to the sponsors and participants of the Career Forum.
Dr. Dalal M. Al Tamimi, the Dean of University Studies and the Deputy Chairperson of the Supreme Committee  for the Career Forum stated that, "At this Career Forum we were able capture the attention of our students by capitalizing on their interests and enthusiasm through our innovative events and engaging lecture topics.  This is what we had hoped for since the whole point of this exhibit is to benefit our students and help them take their first steps on their path to finding their first jobs and establishing successful careers."
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Published on: 24 March 2015
Last update on: 19 October 2016
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