Computing Efficiencies

The Computing Efficiencies event was a joint activity held by the Computer Science Department and the Student Council Unit for level 7 students in the Computer Sciences Department.
The program aimed at discussing the most important and fundamental topics in Computer Sciences.
Ms. Sara Al Daej and Ms. Azaz Al Dehasi presented an overview on the Efficiency Test “KEFAYAT”; both the general and specialized sections. In addition to that they pointed out the most important criteria upon which the Efficiency Test is based.

Educational and Entertainment Booths

The Science Pioneers Club which is sponsored by the Vice Deanship of Student Academic Affairs at the College of Education in Jubail set up several educational and entertainment booths.
The booths aimed to help students gain new skills and to spread knowledge about different scientific issues. In addition to that, various scientific competitions and voluntary educational campaigns were held.
The booths were as follows; the Entertainment Booth, the Technology and Scientific Innovation Booth, the Scientist Booth, Pioneers of Booth, as well as a display board.

Ghaim Café

Sponsored by the Vice Deanship of Student Academic Affairs, the Ghaim Awareness Club opened “Ghaim Café” in the College Yard.
The Café aimed at discussing some issues that concern Muslims such as the Social Media also the club aimed at entertaining students after their tiresome exams.
Moreover, the Café presented a few extracurricular activities and competitions and it ended with a religious lecture while offering refreshments for the guests.

Verbal Violence

The Guidance and Counseling Unit of the College of Education, Jubail –University of Dammam set up a booth on Wednesday 9th of Safar 1438 H.  
The booth was arranged by Tafa’ol Club and it focused on the effect of Verbal Violence. It aimed to create awareness among the students about the importance of kind words.
Moreover, they advised students to avoid immoral words (bad language) due to their negative effects.
Finally, a notebook was placed for students to sign as a pledge to become better people and to carefully choose their spoken words.

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Published on: 23 February 2017
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