The Department of Dermatology was established in 1980.  In 1990 the first postgraduate program in the specialty of dermatology in Saudi Arabia was created, which lead to the IAU Fellowship in Dermatology.  The department is also one of the approved centers of training for the Saudi Board in the specialty of dermatology.


The primary mission of the Department of Dermatology is:

  • To provide outstanding dermatological care to all patients.  
  • To train Saudi medical students in the specialization of dermatology.
  • To participate in different scientific activities, including conferences and forums.


To provide baseline knowledge and experience in dermatology to undergraduates so they will know the common skin diseases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and how to treat them. 

Undergraduate Course

Dermatology (MDDE 504)

Through adequate and appropriate theoretical knowledge and clinical exposure, this course will enable the students to acquire a level of clinical competence that will enable them to diagnose, treat and prevent common skin diseases at the primary care level.

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