The department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (ORL-HNS) is continuously supporting the faculty, fellows and residents in various divisions to generate valuable, high-quality publications that contribute to the insights of medical research and sustainability of healthcare development. Since many disorders can threaten the patients’ quality of life, the department understands that these damaging outcomes cannot be limited without persistent devotion to building on previous medical knowledge. ORL-HNS practice demands treating the entire spectrum of patients. demographics. Therefore, researchers believe that the investigable areas are wide-ranging, opening the door to varied interests as well as profound changes.

The Value of Teamwork:
In an era of rapid advancement and mounting complexity of science, it is difficult for a single researcher to integrate all knowledge alone and validate their research project. The department of ORL-HNS in King Fahad Hospital of the University (KFHU) believes in teamwork, where authors integrate all their latest literature and clinical practice in the scientific research to ensure accuracy and quality. Moreover, the department has developed a keen interest in investing in medical students’ mentorship to improve everlasting knowledge, practice and critical appraisal skills of future clinical leaders.


The Research unit at the otorhinolaryngology department of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University strive to be a leading academic organization dedicated to advancing and applying high standards of basic and clinical research practice and improving healthcare through scientific discovery.


  • Designing and providing high quality research by adhering to the highest ethical standards and professional best practices.
  • Providing structured mentorship for faculty and clinician with the time, resources, and support to attend national and international meetings to excel in multiple research domains.
  •  Providing dedicated training opportunities for residents and students
  •  Establishing and facilitating research relationships, both within the university and with external providers.

Research in Residency


Research training is an important part of the residency experience; at the Otorhinolaryngology department of the Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, and it is one of our residency program’s aims. Having this opportunity will enhance the critical thinking skills of the residents and inform their knowledge in clinical practice. Residents will become familiar with a variety of research designs, statistical concepts, data analysis techniques and manuscript writing styles through a journal club, participating in annual ORL Research Day, and completion of a scholarly research project during their residency training.


  • Residents are obligated to complete hypothesis driven research projects during their residency. They also need to complete research methodology courses before starting their projects.
  • Residents are required to identify a faculty mentor, choose project topic and submit research proposal to research committee, which will be reviewed and approved.
  •  Residents are required to present their works, in either oral or poster presentation, at an Annual ORL Research Day Symposium. In addition, they encouraged to participate in national/ international meetings.
  • Manuscript publication in a peer-reviewed journal is one of the requirements for completion residency training.

ORL Research Day

It is an annual symposium dedicated for improving residents/ fellows experience in research. This event is a collaboration between Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, King Fahad Military Medical Complex and Royal Medical Services of Kingdom of Bahrain.
In this day-long workshop, we host ORL residents/ fellows wishing to share their current or planned research project in different Otorhinolaryngology subspecialties. Participants will have a unique opportunity to discuss and get guidance from our distinguished researchers and clinicians to help their projects published in peer-reviewed journals. Prizes are awarded for the best oral and poster presentation.

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