What is Open Data?

Open data is currently considered one of the strategic priorities that all sectors focus on due to its important role in research and innovation, supporting decision-making, enhancing transparency and community participation, and it also allows those interested to better understand challenges and opportunities.

Open data is one of the basic pillars of the digital transformation in the Kingdom and one of the most important capabilities that contribute to achieving the goals of the 2030 Vision. Sharing open data in accordance with its legislative requirements contributes positively to raising the university’s ranking in local indicators related to open data, which in turn affects supporting the Kingdom’s ranking in international indicators related to open data.

IAU Open Data

Believing in the principle of transparency and providing information to all, Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University has made a variety of open datasets available on a number of platforms to enable beneficiaries to benefit from the available data and use it as needed.

IAU Open Data Library

The open data of IAU can be found in the following platforms:

Users have the right to download, open, browse, use and keep the data in the same form and method as the original from which it was copied, printed or downloaded in various formats such as (XLSx - XLS - XML).

Open Data Usage Policy


This data is available to all users to view, download and reuse it under their own responsibility. This data is provided free of charge.

 Data Users Responsibility

Beneficiaries must use the data of IAU with full responsibility, and reuse of this data by beneficiaries must not result in any errors related to the content, source, and history of the data, and the use of data must be for research and scientific purposes and not for a personal or commercial purpose, while retaining the fields Intellectual property of IAU and referring to it as the main owner of the data when using it.


Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal University is not responsible for any damage suffered by any party or person as a result of the incorrect use of data published on various platforms. The university also does not bear any responsibility towards the users of this data, or any harm that may occur to them due to its reuse.

Terms of Reuse 

  • The user must not distort this data or change its content or meaning.
  • This data must not be used for political purposes or to support illegal or criminal activity or to make racist or discriminatory comments or to incite or negatively influence culture, equality, incitement, or any activity that is illegal or contrary to the customs and traditions of the Kingdom. 
  • When using this data, it must be noted that its source is (Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University). 

Instructions of Reuse 

  • User can easily access IAU open data through IAU website directly or from Governmental official Saudi Open Data Portal.
  • User is authorized for access, download, browse and save them as raw data in many extinctions (XLSx - XLS – XML).


Open Dataset Request 

If you need a data set that is not available on the main platforms, please fill out the following form to request an open data set from the university.

Published on: 28 April 2024
Last update on: 07 May 2024
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