The research vision of IAU is:

“To be prominent in scientific research, discovery and consultative studies to create a culture of intellectual curiosity, entrepreneurialism and innovation for the benefit of the University, its community, the Eastern Province and humankind”


To create a stimulating environment that will foster intellectual curiosity, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurialism in scientific research and discovery to serve the national development objectives and humanity


IAU is committed to a group of values that guide all its work including research, and on which it builds its relationships with its stakeholders and the community. Some of these values are:

  • Respect for human rights of justice, dignity and freedom, and respect for individuals and thecommunity
  • Respect for others and helping them to achieve their welfare
  • Embrace the principle of transparency and responsibility towards the law and the community
  • Commitment to integrity and honesty
  • Appreciation of professional excellence, seeking quality and innovation, encouraging scientific research within ethical bounds
  • Appreciation of individual and institutional knowledge
  • Creating an entrepreneurial environment that prizes good performance and ethical standards
  • Respect of teamwork, exchange of experiences and encouraging professional activities

Research Strategic Plan 2015-2025

Published on: 10 April 2015
Last update on: 13 April 2023
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