CONVERIS is the most powerful tool available for research analytics and management of information on researchers, research activities and results. CONVERIS is a research management software system to manage funding opportunities, grant applications, ethical approval, research projects, publications, patent applications, post-graduate thesis submission etc. Specific dashboards can be generated for Researchers, Department Chairmen and Deans and Researcher profiles, Department profiles and College profiles can be created. Research profiles, activities and results can be made available over the web, through CVs and reports in CONVERIS.

Projects/Grants Management

CONVERIS makes the project management processes more simple and efficient one, both for applicants and for peer-reviewers, through structured workflows. If a researcher has a project idea, CONVERIS provides  the option to save the project idea as draft and can submit later at the time of project invitation.

Publications Management

CONVERISfacilitates the efficient publications management for IAU researchers, including integration with the Web of Science as well as ORCID, PubMed, MS Academic Search, CrossRef and more. CONVERIS supports advanced bibliometric reporting with TR’s citation data on all country internal dimensions. Files can be imported and exported in formats like EndNote and BibTeX. CONVERIS offers option to include full text for researchers’ publications, and thus creating an open access full-text repository for IAU.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

CONVERIS offers extensive reporting capabilities with the relevant indicators, charts and tables based on live data, that enable IAU/ Colleges/ Departments to report accurately on publications and other outputs resulting from projects with IAU funding. Department Chairmen and Deans can view and export the publications and projects of the concerned Department or College.

Published on: 06 October 2016
Last update on: 01 November 2018