The Department of Emergency Medicine was established in 2010. It provides outstanding clinical education opportunities for residents and medical students as an academic department and accredited residency-training center by the SCFHS. It consists of 55 beds for resuscitation, cardiac and trauma, medical, surgical, OB/GYN and pediatrics cares. It supports both basic science and clinical research.


The Department of Emergency Medicine is dedicated to serve the needs of the community. It is committed to provide the highest quality health care to patients and their families, to expand the boundaries of medicine through research and to educate future generations of health care professionals.


  • To provide high quality care to patients with acute presentation. 
  • To enable medical students to learn the principles of emergency medicine.
  • To train emergency medicine residents for the Saudi board certification.
  • To promote basic and clinical research.

Undergraduate Course

Emergency Medicine (MDER 512)

This course enables the 5th year medical students to acquire the basics of medical emergency cases, diagnosis and treatment, as well as understand the physiological changes in emergency cases. Students will become familiar with the basic skills of first aid to treat emergency cases.

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