The Department of Neurology was established as the first academic Department of Neurology in the Kingdom in 1987.  It has been entrusted to prepare the medical students in the ever expanding knowledge of the neurological sciences, to communicate neurological findings to colleagues and patient families and to understand some of the ethical principles related to chronic illness and disabilities in the local community as well as encourage the students to become lifelong learners.


The mission of the department is focused on excellence in the teaching and training of undergraduate and graduate students, undertaking academic and clinical research and training our doctors in the intricacies of health care for neurological patients.


  • To train and qualify Saudi graduates who will serve as specialists and later as consultant neurologists. 
  • To provide the community with excellent clinical and electro-diagnostic neurological inpatient and outpatient services.

Undergraduate Course

Neurology (MDNL 506)

This course enables the student to acquire the basic knowledge of the clinical presentation of common neurological disorders and the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to these disorders. The course also enables the student to become aware of the logic and rational reasoning behind a proper neurological examination. 

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