The Department of Anesthesiology was originally established as an unit of the Department of General Surgery in 1978 and became independent in 1981. The department provides a high standard of clinical services and academic activities and runs 5-6 busy operating theaters daily for elective surgical procedures in addition to emergency surgery. The department also offers obstetric pain relief and anesthesia for surgical delivery. 

 Anesthesiologists manage surgical patients in KFHU general intensive care unit. Other clinical services include anesthesia for day surgery, requests in the Radiology Department and for postoperative pain relief. The department maintain quality care by continuous quality improvemnet activities that review and implement approved policies and procedures.


The mission of the Department of Anesthesiology covers two main domains:

  • Education and training of the 5th year medical students, internship trainees and postgraduate students.
  • Provision of high level clinical services such, as pain relief for different surgical specialties, management of intensive care surgical patients in addition to emergency surgery.


  • Provide education and training to medical students.
  • Participate in scientific seminars, workshops and medical conferences in order to keep pace with recent advances in the field.
  • Carry out research. 
  • Participate in health education for the local community.
  • Increase the number of operating rooms and faculty to meet the ever increasing number of surgical operations as well as the growing number of students. 

Undergraduate Course

Anesthesia (MDAN 503)

This course enables medical student to acquire basic knowledge of anesthesia and intensive care and to develop skills in clinical access in order to recognize high-risk patients preoperatively. It also enables the student to develop the skills for basic life support and to gain exposure to different patient problems preoperatively.

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