The Department of Ophthalmology was created in 1980 and it's faculty participate in the teaching and training  students in the College of Medicine. In 1983 the Fellowship program in Ophthalmology began and was the first fellowship program with this specialty in Saudi Arabia.


The department's mission is reflected in the following activities:

  • Teaching and training students of the College of Medicine.
  • Training of primary care physicians.
  • Graduating qualified physicians from the IAU Fellowship program in the specialty of Ophthalmology. 


  • To provide therapeutic services to patients in the Eastern Province. 
  • To graduate physicians who have the required knowledge to be able to diagnose eye diseases and to refer patients to ophthalmologists as appropriate.
  • To participate in Continuous Medical Education activities through lectures for the department's staff as well as through journal clubs in order  to discuss clinical cases.
  • To supervise research carried out as part of the requirements of training in the fellowship program.
  • To graduate highly qualified specialists who hold the IAU Fellowship certificate.

Undergraduate Course

Ophthalmology (MDOP 507)

This course enables the undergraduate students to acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable them to prevent optical damage in the case of diseases and accidents, by following proper procedures and promoting student awareness, so they will be able to recognize changes that may occur in the optical system because of diseases in other parts of the body.

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