The Urology Department was established 1981 as a unit within the Department of Surgery. The Urology Unit progressed considerably over a 10-year period and was eventually recognized as an independent department in 1990. In addition to various academic activities, the Department of Urology provides medical services such as the management of emergency cases in the Casualty Department, as well as management of complicated cases referred from other hospitals in the Eastern Province. Some of the surgical procedures that are performed, include: cystoscopy, ureteroscopy and laparoscopy for adult and pediatric patients. The department is equipped with a complete facility for urodynamic studies as well as a new machine for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL).


  • Teach the Urology course to 5th year medical students (MDSG 502).
  • Train urology residents and interns on the management of the urology patient and keep students updated with the latest research, discoveries and treatments detailed in the urology literature.
  • Treat patients referred to the Department of Urology at King Fahd Hospital of  Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University.


  • Provide knowledge in the basics of urology to medical undergraduate students.
  • Provide clinical training and the latest in urology literature to urology residents.
  • Provide medical services to urology patients.

Undergraduate Course

Urology (MDSG 502)

This course covers anomalies, traumatic lesions, inflammatory lesions, and neoplastic lesions of the genitourinary system, as well as urolithiasis, infertility and scrotal swellings. Student attend the outpatient clinics and inpatient wards. The students observe and discuss different cases with faculty members and examine patients clinically whenever appropriate. When clinical material is not available, urologic diseases are taught by alternative ways like simulations, slide presentations and X-ray film.

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