Course Description

This course aims to provide the students with advanced skills to operate and make use of a personal computer in different environments such as in an academy, or at home. The course introduces the students to the main concepts and terminologies of information technology, and equips them with the knowledge to administer one of widely-used operating systems. Furthermore ,the course provides the students with the practical skills to utilize an office productivity package for different purposes such as Word-processing, Data Sheets, and Presentations.. The delivery of the course contents will be based on a hands-on approach .Upon completion of this section , the student will be able to pass ICDL Start

After finishing the first part, the student will have to take an additional program depending on his major at college. This additional program will  Include a special program concerned with applied programs for drawing and photo  , helps the student with different applications to be connected  to  other programs that need  some technical support in making illustrations and drawings.

There could be another program concerned with applied statistics. This can provide the student with the basic concept of statistics with its different aspects and it helps the student with organizing data and representing it in tables and graphs a comprehensive understanding of the subject and a more participatory approach in the learning process.

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Course ID: COMP-131

Credit hours Theory Practical Laboratory Lecture Studio Contact hours Pre-requisite
2 - 4 - - - 4 -