Course Description

The Intensive English Program course at University of Dammam is a pre-sessional course. That is, it is taken before the students' main academic courses start. The intensive English language program for the preparatory year students at University of Dammam is a language skills program during which new students will be taught English and trained on how to use English utilizing the "communicative approach" for two semesters. Students will study 20 hours a week with a total of 300 hours for the First semesters. The program will actively seek to deliver and build solid foundation of English language proficiencies for students on the one hand, and improve students' communicative competency in their fields of study on the other hand. The Intensive English program at UD focuses on delivering "General English" during the first semester in which students will learn authentic English to enable them to communicate effectively in various social contexts and situations for various purposes.

Course ID: ENGL-101

Credit hours Theory Practical Laboratory Lecture Studio Contact hours Pre-requisite
5 20 - - - - 20 -