Course Description

The graduation project is divided into two phases that will be covered by a course per phase (graduation project 1 and graduation project 2). During both courses, the students propose, define, design, implement (development/programming) and test a technical system under the guidance of a supervisor.

In the course “graduation project 1” the students choose a topic, define objectives and write a project proposal that should be approved by the supervisor. Upon approval, the student proceeds by defining the requirements, setting software specifications, providing different system models and architectural design (the SDLC phases that have been covered in software engineering 1). The students should be aware that the progress in this course is essential for continuation in the course “graduation project 2” which involves final design, implementing, testing, documenting and presenting the results of “graduation project 1”.

The supervisor arranges weekly meetings with each group of students to check progress and assign next tasks. At the end of each weekly meeting, the supervisor produces a short progress report (the template should be provided to the supervisor/instructor) and evaluates the performance of the students. The course will be concluded by a final report and a presentation of the work at the end of the term.

Course ID: CS340

Credit hours Theory Practical Laboratory Lecture Studio Contact hours Pre-requisite
2 2 - - - - 2 Departmental Approval