Course Description

The course aims to enable the student to describe physical phenomena in terms of models, laws and principles. It helps them recognize the operation of scientific principles in established practical applications to apply acquired knowledge, experience and skills to new situations in a novel manner.. The purpose of this course is not to give students the rigorous preparation necessary for physics majors, but to turn them on to a more perceptive view of physical reality by introducing them to the central ideas and principles. The course primarily aims at the development of critical thinking among the students through the physical concept studied at the high school.  The topics include Basic Ideas, Looking At Forces, Turning Effect of Forces  , Describing Motion, Newton's laws and Momentum, Work, Energy and Power , Circular Motion, Gravitational Forces and Fields, Wave Motion ,Reflection and Refraction, Interference and Diffraction, Current and Charge, Electric Circuits, Magnetic Fields and thermodynamics.

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Course ID: PHYS-132

Credit hours Theory Practical Laboratory Lecture Studio Contact hours Pre-requisite
3 3 - - - - 3 -