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Rich in heritage, the Middle-East has been active in conservation projects for the past few decades. The architectural heritage of the Middle East is unique, and it shows glimpses of life, culture UNESCO, ICCROM, ICOMOS, MEGA (Middle East Geo-database for Antiquities), SBAH (Iraq State Board of Antiquities and Heritage), DOA (The Jordanian Department of Antiquities), GCI-WMF (Getty Conservation Institute and the World Monuments Fund) are among the organizations which have been active in supporting and preserving the heritage of this region.and artistic expressions of this region. Yemen, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Tunisia are among the countries that have led the way of heritage conservation, which has inspired other countries to care for their heritage. Along with cultural and social advantages, the economic gain from heritage is an important factor for its conservation. The archaeologists, architects, engineers, museum specialists, tourism consultants and landmark experts of the Middle Eastern region are working to synthesize the conservation of the heritage with the social, cultural and economic needs of today.

The seminar titled ‘Heritage Conservation in the Middle East’, to be held on 10 April, 2014 organized by the College of Design, University of Dammam will bring together the experts in heritage conservation from the Middle East region. The day-long seminar will feature a series of sessions focusing on the conservation work supervised by the speakers. They will share their experiences with the faculty and students of the college. This seminar aims at raising awareness and inspiring the students and faculty to care for the heritage of the Middle East and to take part in such conservation endeavors today, and in the future

10 April 2014
College of Design, University of Dammam

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Published on: 18 July 2014
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