During the opening ceremony on Sunday, April 5, 2015, for the First Annual Conference for the Development of Scientific Research in Medicine and Biomedicine Conference, UoD’s President

Dr. Abdullah M. Al Rubaish made the following announcement,  “The University’s commitment to the importance of research can be seen in the construction of the Research, Engineering and Environmental Centers on the new Patent Registration Office.” He went on to note that, “This significant local investment in scientific research at UoD is one of the main indicators of the importance given to scientific research by the government and that international organizations use this local indicator as a measurement of how committed a country is scientific research.”  He noted, “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia spends an average of 3.010 locally, where the average minimum amount is significantly less, at 1.610 in order for a country to maintain a viable knowledge economy.  With the recent completion of the Center for Research and Medical Studies and its eminent opening, the University of Dammam is at the forefront of research.  This milestone, coupled with the Center for Research and Environmental Studies and the Patent Registration Office, which will soon be constructed, is a great achievement for UoD.”

This three day conference was organized by the University of Dammam’s Office of the Vice President of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research under the patronage of the President of the University, Dr. Abdullah M. Al Rubaish in the Great Hall on UoD’s main campus.  Eighteen speakers from abroad presented papers on the latest developments in medical scientific research.

Dr. Al Rubaish commented that, "Scientific research is the rock of the University and it is at the very core of the University’s activities and events.  Research and the University are inseparable.  This can be seen in the University’s numerous research centers and its research based curricula in all the disciplines; from the sciences, engineering, and medicine to the humanities.   Scientific research is a given, research is a part of every UoD student and graduate.  The pervasiveness of scientific research at UoD is so pronounced that it gives UoD’s faculty the upper hand over faculty from other academic institutions.  Research is one of the pillars at UoD and it is infused in manufacturing, innovations, translations and in knowledge, coming full circle to build a knowledge economy.  Scientific research is one of the most important tools that are required to achieve an economic and knowledge community. Therefore, one should encourage and promote knowledge investments where scientific research is the basis. Research is also a national issue with an economic and social security dimension. It is the Kingdom's only means to having a variety of income streams and research is crucial to the development of the nation’s economy in order to provide work opportunities for thousands of graduates who are capable of producing knowledge and technology.”

 Dr. Al Rubaish mentioned as well that, "The important indicators of scientific research and educational spending along with an individual’s share of income from the total local production spent on his/her education is one of the important factors in charting scientific research internationally.” 

Scientific research charts that rate countries use the percentage of engineers, science and math specialists found in a population of population.  In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia there are 300 of these specialist for every million citizens.   In a recent Thomson Reuters report related to business, research and innovation performance in the G-20 countries, it was noted that Saudi Arabia’s score was low compared with other G-20 nations due to the publication rate of Saudi scholars, but that its research and development was rapidly growing. The current rate of Saudization has also been growing with a figure of 35% in 2011 in compared with only 10% in 2003. 

Dr. Al Rubaish also mentioned that the University of Dammam is continuously focusing on raising the level of scholarship, of scientific research in all disciplines, while accomplishing its stated mission and providing distinguished knowledge, research and professional services to the community along with entering into historic community partnerships while using incorporating effective and transparent strategies.  The University is committed to providing their teaching assistants and lecturers with all the necessities for their success, including sending them abroad to study in renowned international universities. This investment in our own students will provide the University with professional academics who will conduct innovative original research and transfer knowledge. The University currently has 600 students on scholarships who are studying abroad and who will become the driving force for scientific research upon their return to UoD.   The University is also committed to publishing, encouraging our faculty and students to write and submit their research for publication in international journals and other publications and this will have a lasting positive effect on not only the authors, but on the University as well.

Dr. Al Rubaish stated,  “The University is working on raising the quality of scientific research through effective partnerships, signing contracts with global research institutions and scientific publishers and selecting experienced researchers to work in the University either as participant researchers or permanent researchers and to set up research centers.”

The President concluded his remarks by wishing success to everyone. 

Center for Scientific Publications Vice Presidency for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research
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Published on: 14 April 2015
Last update on: 21 April 2015
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