The Office for University Administrative Development has concluded its 2017 Internal Training program for IAU's administration staff that went according to the office's suggested training plan.

The held programs were as such:

No. of Trainees Target Group
Secretarial and Office Administration Skills 25 Ladies
Strategic Planning 28 Ladies
How to adapt with work conditions 25 Men
Positive Thinking (Al Rayyan) 28 Ladies
Positive Thinking (Al Rakah) 19 Ladies
Uniqueness in customer service 22 Ladies
Basics of Leadership 18 Men
Principles of English for Security Terms 25 Ladies
Job Satisfaction 25 Ladies
Skills to Dealing with Superiors 22 Ladies
How to Safely Deal with Chemicals 22 Ladies + Men
Modern management of warehouses and storerooms 26 Ladies + Men
Time Management 24 Ladies
Group and team management work 29 Ladies
How to master your life 16 Men