The University of Imam Abdul Rahman Bin Faisal, represented by the Deanship of Community Service and Sustainable Development in Dammam, honored its students who received the highest number of volunteer hours registered in the volunteer work platform of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, in a ceremony under the title of "Giving Tributaries" (Rawafid Aleata') on Tuesday 6/6/1442H, 19/1/2021, at the university's headquarters.

The Dean of Community Service and Sustainable Development Deanship, Dr. Fatma Al-Mulhim, stated that volunteering is a wise Godly approach, a noble prophetic guidance, and a great educational manner well-founded in our precious Kingdom, with our promising youth to build and fulfil the vision of the Kingdom 2030 to reach a million effective volunteers.

She explained that the university annually celebrates its students for their distinguished contributions for religion, homeland and society, and we have the honor to celebrate our students who have the highest number of volunteer hours registered in the volunteer work platform.

She thanked his Excellency the University’s President, Dr. Abdullah Al Rubaish, for his constant and supportive guidance for the advancement and building of society and enriching the nation with the achievements and aspirations of his ambitious sons and daughters through volunteerism and giving attention to volunteers. She also thanked his Excellency the University's Vice President for Studies, Development and Community Service, Dr. Abdullah Alkadi, for his unlimited support of the Deanship’s activities.

At the same time, she called on all students who had never volunteered at the university to take the initiative to register at the volunteer platform, which was made available to University’s staff and students through entering the University's Community Service Electronic Gate.

For his part, Vice Dean of Deanship of Community & Sustainable Development, Dr. Yousef Al-Rashed, thanked the efforts exerted by the university students who won the prize for carrying out more than 6212 volunteer hours in many events, May God reward them and lead their steps on the straight path.

The aim of this initiative is to create a spirit of competition among university students to participate in volunteerism, promote and strengthen the culture of volunteerism, and appreciate the contributions of volunteers at the university, as well as to highlight the honorable models of students who have demonstrated genuine participation in creativity, innovation, excellence and leadership among students.

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Published on: 02 February 2021
Last update on: 04 February 2021
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