Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University announces the professional interviews for the applicants of the Health Job Competition announced on 01/19/1445 AH.

The interviews for male and female applicants will be held in the Supportive Deanships building No. (D3) on Thursday 02/15/1445 AH (corresponding to 08/31/2023), and on Saturday 02/17/1445 AH (corresponding to 09/02/2023).

Click here to see the interview location.

The applicant can check the interview date and location in the following attached documents.


  • Applying for the available positions is not considered a final nomination.
  • Applicants' should present their national ID when entering the test.
  • Arrive half an hour before the specified time.


General Directorate of Human Resources Health News
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Published on: 28 August 2023
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