Design students from the College of Design at UOD and the University of Salford in Manchester, England exhibited their works in a unique joint exhibition held at the University of Salford.   These students, from both UOD and the University of Salford, have similar design backgrounds and training from their respective universities and they were both given the same design challenge: to create a representation of what their studio, home or city meant to them using the media of their choice. The results were an impressive collection of works that were on display at the University of Salford’s Exhibition Hall, which reflected each student’s unique perspective and approach to the challenge.   Nine students from UOD’s College of Design exhibited their work at this international exhibition that was held for a week and attended by experts in the field of design. 

The creator and director of this exhibit, as well as UOD’s representative, was the architect Noorah Alkadi, who has succeeded in building a relationship between UOD and the University of Salford as well as creating an understanding and appreciation between the students of UOD and Salford.  She noted that the Saudi students’ works were well received and that the expertise and creativity shown in their work was impressive.

The Dean of the College of Design, Dr. Saeed Bin Ahmed Al-Awais said that the College of Design is one off the leading colleges in the field of design and that international exhibitions and collaborations such as this event was crucial for UOD and was an amazing opportunity for the students that participated in this exhibition.  Dr. Al-Awais expressed his appreciation to both Dr. Dalliyah Al-Daradere and Dr. Hind Al-Khatane whose generous help in this project made it a success. He also sent his congratulations to architect Noora Alkadi for her ingenuity in nurturing and developing this one-of-a-kind collaborative international exhibit.

Alya Al-Qarne, Hesah Al-Bashah, Fatima Al-Janabe, Kadijah Al-Saeed, Mashael Alwohayb, Nada Falatah, Soaad Al-Daelaj, Summayh Al-Aqeel and Roqayah Bahammam were the students who participated in this joint collaborative exhibit.

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Published on: 25 December 2014
Last update on: 14 July 2016
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