The College of Applied Studies and Community Service has launched (Tamkeen Program) in its fifth edition, in cooperation with the Charitable Society for Orphans Care in the Eastern Province (Bena’a) on Tuesday October 5th , 2021. 

The Executive Director of the Program Dr. Suhailah Saud Aljameel, hosted a meeting with the orphans ‘mothers, who reached 30 beneficiaries this academic year, as well as the members affiliated to (Bena’a) Association, together with the trainers ’staff.

The meeting opened with a welcome speech from the vice Executive Director of the Program, Dr. Azhar Saeed Alhammali, who confirmed that women are representing half of the society. This project targets an important group in the society; widows undergo hard times due to the loss of their life partners. Special care is to be given due to their uniqueness in bringing up their children.

This was followed by the word of the Executive Director of the program, Dr. Suhailah Saud Aljameel. In her speech, she confirmed that the program is a continuation of a journey that has started four years ago, and that we are looking forward to its continuation with its great outcomes for many years to come. The family is considered as a pillar in the society and mothers are responsible for raising ethics, awareness, and culture in the families, thus, the university represented by the College of Applied Studies and Community Service implements this program in partnership with (Bena’a) Association. This partnership indicates the depth of cooperation and support for the community needs.

Then, Dr. Suhailah pointed the developed and improved aspects in the fifth edition of the program. Such improvements could be tracked through providing a comprehensive training in a positive incubating environment for the trainees. Training sessions including brainstorming activities, seminars, interactive lectures, case studies, problem solving, workshops, and practical training are all aiming to promote and to empower the family in the society.

She added, various trainers are selected this year from inside and outside the college, with the aim of introducing different experiences and skills to create a stimulating and a good environment. In addition, a number of recreational trips, enrichment visits and a meeting with inspirational personalities are organized this year for the sake of enriching the beneficiaries.

Dr. Suhailah has also added that, distinguished graduate mothers from previous years are invited to train mothers, which confirms the integration of the process between them and allows the largest number of participants to benefit.

She concluded her speech by expressing her gratitude to the university administration, (Bena’a) Association, the faculty’s staff, and to all those who initiated the success of past years and years to come, and all who have helped to make “Tamkeen” a sustainable project.

This was followed by a detailed presentation of the program by Miss. Thuraya Mufarah Alkhaldi, the program coordinator ,who stated that the program is 220 training hours (4 days a week) divided into two semesters with a total of 37 training courses. She highlighted the main trends of the program (personal , educational, vocational, and administrative). She added that there is also a 30-hour “Principles of Training of Trainers Course” which is a supplementary program for distinguished graduates.

The representative of the (Bena’a) Association, Mrs. Elham Hussein Alshahrani, spoke about the program, the role of the mother in the society and the association’s interest  in raising orphans to  build their personalities and to qualify them to become active members in the society. She also indicates that the association is proud of the partnership with Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University in cooperation with College of Applied Studies and Community Service in designing and implementing (Tamkeen Program).

The meeting included a competition prepared by Dr. Mona Mostafa Sakoury, a faculty member at the College of Applied Studies and Community Service, with the support of the female students volunteer team. All precautionary measures are taken during the event. The competition added an atmosphere of fun to the beneficiaries.

Besides, a questionnaire was filled out by each beneficiary for the assessment of the training courses. A post-questionnaire will be filled out after the completion of the program to improve and to develop the program. Finally, an introductory tour of the college's facilities used throughout the program period for the beneficiaries was taken.

May Allah Bless all the efforts and guide us to serve our society.


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Published on: 22 November 2021
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