On May 1, 2016 seven students from the College of Dentistry in UoD volunteered to examine 240 Primary education students from KFUPM Schools in Dhahran in a campaign to encourage children to take better care of their teeth in order to acquire a perfect smile.

Dr. Blqees Jafar coordinator of the activity mentioned that “this activity is considered one of the most important contributions this year from the Dentistry students. The students examined primary education students’ teeth and advised them to keep their teeth clean by brushing twice daily. The volunteers presented different techniques on the correct way to use a tooth brush. The participants in this activity were Alaa Al Sha’e, Dalal Al Abdulgader, Sara Al Oraifan, Sundus Al Oraifi, Shrooq Al Hamid, Lujain Al Ghamdi, and the Co-coordinator Dr. Maha Tintawi.

The event started with a video which introduced students to the Dentistry Clinic, the correct way to clean your teeth, how to choose the appropriate tooth paste, the role of Fluoride in protecting teeth and the importance of visiting a Dentist every six months. After the video, the volunteers examined the students and discovered that around 47% of the students have tooth decay which is a result of inadequate awareness and care from the child’s family. These cases were registered in the College files to follow-up on and treat. The campaign also consisted of awareness competitions, interactive booths which establish the concept of heathy teeth and the importance of taking care of your teeth from childhood.