A platform that provides the community the opportunity to seek out community services that are available within the university’s resources and hence, reduce the processing time to deliver it.


  • Deliver interactive community service through an electronic platform
  • Smoothen the communication of individuals and organizations from both private and public sectors with the University to serve and develop the community.
  • Utilize the University's available resources, services and facilities in serving the community.

Concerned groups in the platform (system)

  • The University affiliated staff
  • The Beneficiaries  

Community Services Platform Inputs

  • Inputs of pre-implementation
    1. Information in the description card of community service requested.
    2. Information of the organization requested the community service.
  • Inputs post-implementation:
    1. Information of community service report card and service satisfaction survey

Community Services Platform outputs

  • Information of those requested the community services (organizations & individuals).
  • Community service satisfaction report

Published on: 12 November 2017
Last update on: 20 November 2017
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