An electronic platform that allows the University to deposit the contributions of its staff (faculties, admin staff and students) in the University’s Social Responsibility ports in a form of bank accounts and convert it to weighted value to document and direct the future trajectory of the  university's community services throughout the year in a sustainable manner.

Main Objective of Social Responsibility Bank

Framing community responsibility institutionally and document it electronically through a system where it calculates its actual, equivalent, and estimated cost for the University's resources and possessions invested in university ports for the community responsibility and therefore create the capacity to evaluate it objectively.

Specific Objective of Social Responsibility Bank

  1. Enhance orientation to electronically automate all community service related milestones, standardization of formats and mechanism of action, leading to paperless environment.
  2. Establish community responsibility portal database; improve the efficiency and speed of data retrieval, and employ them to serve the requirements of institutional accreditation.
  3. Facilitate linking the Bank's operating categories with the decision-makers.
  4. Secure balance and integration between the contributors of social responsibility.
  5. Provide a secure and flexible method of documenting the efforts of the university staff in social responsibility.
  6. Motivate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in social responsibility.
  7. Encourage and reinforce the culture of quality in community service and continuous development.
  8. Enable the university to announce its annual community service  achievements, and turn its efforts to weighed  and tangible values.

Ports of Social Responsibility Bank

  1. Education and Learning
    • Social Curricula Activities
    • Social Non-curricula Activities
  2. Scientific Research
    • Social Studies
    • Social Research
  3. Community Service
    • Developmental Projects
    • Community Service

Published on: 25 October 2017
Last update on: 20 November 2017