Course Description

The intensive English language program is given to the student before moving to the stage of courses within the major academic disciplines and different colleges. The English language integrated plan aims to increase the efficiency of academic and public in listening, speaking, reading and writing. During this semester and with 20 contact hours per week at a rate of 450 hours during the school year (300 in the first quarter and 150 in the second quarter) and the students will have attained to a position where they can communicate with speakers of understanding and express themselves without hesitation. Different strategies are used in the teaching of this decision, where teachers use the direct method of lectures and group activities, workshops and field activities in addition to the extra-curricular activities. The focus during the teaching process mainly on the interactive method.

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Course ID: ENGL 101

Credit hours Theory Practical Laboratory Lecture Studio Contact hours Pre-requisite
7 8 - - - - 8 -