at College of Medicine of IAU

H.E, President of IAU, Prof. Abdullah Al-Rubaish, launched “Scientific Research and Innovation Day” event, which was organized by the Vice-Deanship of College of Medicine for Scientific Research and Innovation, attended by Director General of Health Affairs in the Eastern Region, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Arifi, College Dean, Dr. Bassam Awari, and Dr. Aisha Al-Manea, General Supervisor of Mohammed Al-Manea College of Medical Sciences, and Dr. Kholoud Al-Ghamdi, Vice-Dean of the College of Medicine for Scientific Research and Innovation, at the college headquarters. 

College of Medicine Dean, Dr. Bassam Awari, stated that this activity is a continuation for many activities the college holds at the university and the University Hospital in Al-Khobar(KFHU), which are concerned with scientific research in confirmation to the university’s interest in research and its importance to faculty members and students. In a boost for enhancing the university’s presence and distinction through scientific research where faculty members shared in publishing research articles on journals around the world, in an addition to the college’s long history in medical field to highlight its great efforts, appreciating Dr. Kholoud Al-Ghamdi efforts and team-work for their every-year well-organizing, wishing success for all.

The College Vice-Dean for Scientific Research and Innovation, Dr. Kholoud Al-Ghamdi, stated that the event focuses on distinguished researchers, faculty members, and innovators in modern medical specialties, where a video clip was shown to highlight the important role of the college’s innovators in serving patients through their innovations that aim to alleviate patients suffering  by all possible means. The college also hosted Prof. Abdullah Al-Huwaish, a professor in the Department of Internal Medicine and the winner of local and international awards, to review, through his speech, the opportunities and challenges facing innovators in medicine field.

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Published on: 27 November 2022
Last update on: 27 November 2022
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