Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University launched the Academic Talent Program ‘Mawhiba’ 2023, for 265 male and female students who will embark in a scientific journey consists of 7 enriching tracks and to prepare them for this journey, the university held a meeting attended by the supervisors, trainers, volunteers, students, and their parents.

The head of Mawhiba’s program, Dr. Nasser Al-Rayes, stated that the program includes 7 tracks for female students and 5 tracks for male students. It covers the renewable energy, architecture, creative design, cryptography, information security, engineering design, anatomy and physiology, biotechnology, and biomedical science. And the skill program includes two courses which are decision-making and initiative.

Dr. Al-Rayes pointed out that the slogan of the program this year is “Rise toward Greatness” which is inspired by the speech of The Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al- Saud, when His Royal Highness said that “we'll bring together creative, talented people from all over the world to make something unique”, and this will motivate the talented to lead themselves toward greatness and success with a high ambition.

The program is completely linked to the framework of the Human Capabilities Development program that targets the characteristics of a globally competitive citizen, which is distinguished by being cooperative, communicative, proficient in technology and finance, healthy and fit, moderate, tolerant, disciplined, proficient, thoughtful, creative, a proactive teacher, courageous, persistent, proud of his national identity, flexible, positive, and an analytical thinker.

Dr. Al-Rayes also indicated that the program will last for 3 weeks, and in each day, they will tackle one of these characteristics. He added, before the students begin the program, he/she will receive a motivational message and during the program students will pass through various activities focusing on a particular characteristic. Finally, by the end of the program they will receive feedbacks on the extent to which these characteristics have been achieved. And this will be carried out with a full team of faculty and administrators at IAU to support the students creating an impact at achieving the Kingdom's 2030 Vision.

For her part, Dr. Mashael Al-Nimshan, Head of the Female Students Department, stated that the number of female students reached 175 and they are participating in 7 tracks, 3 of which is health, engineering, and information security, in addition to architecture and creative design track. She added that the university is making tremendous efforts in creating a creative generation that carries the banner of innovation and development through qualifying the talented, discovering their capabilities and investing in them as this is one of the keys to the advancement and prosperity of nations.

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Published on: 07 September 2023
Last update on: 07 September 2023
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