A medical team, headed by Dr. Saeed Al Shamiymi Robot Surgery and Endoscopy for the Upper Digestive System and Abdomen Tumors Consultant from the Surgery Department in KFHU succeed in removing an early Abdomen Cancerous tumor from a 50-year-old patient without complications.

Dr. Saeed Al Shamiymi mentioned that "During the procedure a full removal of the stomach and the adjoining Lymphomas was achieved, then the Esophagus was connected to the small intestines. The entire procedure was accomplished using an Endoscopy without needing to cut-open the Abdomen."

The procedure was completed without complications and the patient was discharged after making sure that all the tumor was removed and that she is not in need of Chemotherapy or Radiation. This procedure is considered a high-risk operation that requires highly skillful doctors and it is the first time it has been achieved in the hospital as well as in the Eastern Province.

Furthermore, King Fahd Hospital of the University largely contributes in developing the Surgery Department to meet the needs of the citizens and to treat them by using the latest technologies. In this regard, the hospital consists of Saudi cadres who have been trained abroad in different specialized centers as well as that, Dr. Al Shamiymi has been sent on a scholarship by the hospital to complete his fellowship in South Korea which is considered one of the leading countries in the field of treating Abdomen Cancers.

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Published on: 21 February 2017
Last update on: 21 February 2017
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