Availability of 79 Academic Jobs with a Teaching Assistant Degree

Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University is pleased to announce the availability of (79) academic jobs with a (Teaching Assistant) degree according to the attached statement, which it wishes to fill through the general job competition.

Applications will be for (5) days, starting at :

(7.30 am) on (Sunday) Date 10/12/1445 AH corresponding to 04/21/2024 AD.

until :

(2:30 pm) on (Thursday) 10/16/1445 AH corresponding to 04/25/2024 AD

Application : 



  • Applying for these positions is not considered a final nomination.
  • The applicant must first review the list of available jobs and select the specialization that matches the qualifications he holds.
  •  After determining the appropriate job for the applicant, he fills out the designated form through the university’s website.
  • Providing any incorrect or non-compliant information will result in the order being automatically cancelled.


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Published on: 13 April 2024
Last update on: 27 April 2024
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