The Deanship of Graduate Studies at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University is pleased to announce the admission results for graduate programs: Masters, PhDs, and medical fellowships on the following link: Click here>

The Deanship of Graduate Studies congratulates the candidates, with emphasis on the following: Print the notice through the admission portal of the Deanship of Graduate Studies. Complete all requirements and conditions specified before the date specified in the acceptance notice, and if this is not possible, the acceptance will be canceled, and the alternative will be nominated from the reserve list.

The Deanship also apologizes to the applicants who were not accepted this year, wishing them success in the coming years.

For Inquiries

Phone: 0133332585 - 0133332568

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Published on: 28 March 2024
Last update on: 28 March 2024
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