The Alumni and Career Development Unit in the College of Arts, University of Dammam held a Graduate Day Event on Tuesday and Wednesday, 20-21/6/1437 H. The event was supervised by Dr. Mashael Ali Al Okaly and executed by Thawq Al Gathami. The event was attended by the Dean of the College of Arts Dr. Amirah Ahmed Al-Jafary, vice deans of the College, heads of departments, faculty members and a number of students. The activity consisted of 18 booths which concern upcoming graduate students. The booths were as follows; From Point Zero, A Graduate’s Dream, Volunteer Work, the First Step After Graduation, Profession Guidance, Your Career, Employee Financial Rights, Personal Interviews, CV and Experience, Labor Market Requirements, Diplomas and Training Courses, ILETS and TOFEL Exams, Enriching Ones Knowledge, Future Career Opportunities for Media Graduates, Future Career Opportunities for English Graduates, Career Ethics, Alumni Experiences, Emotional Intelligence and Career Compatibility. Furthermore, the main goal of this event was to introduce students to the services that are provided by the Alumni and Career Development Unit to graduates.

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Published on: 03 April 2016
Last update on: 19 October 2016
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