Including the delivery of medicine to the patient's home across the Kingdom

The Department of Pharmaceutical Services at KFHU of IAU, launched a set of advanced technical services to provide the best services to patients to ensure the optimal use of drug in an effective and safe manner.

The Director General of KFHU Al-Khobar, Dr. Muhammad Al-Shahrani, stated that the Pharmaceutical Services Department launched several electronic services that include transactions and digital aspects per the latest technologies in field of pharmacy, and this confirms the important role played by this department, which is the main arm of the patient after the diagnosis of the case by doctors, requires accuracy and speed in providing the medical prescription, which makes it easier for the patient to deal with the pharmacy, as the hospital seeks to continuously develop health services system by following modern methods to keep pace with developments in the world of medicine, appreciating the role played by the department and all departments to upgrade the medical system of the hospital, adding that, it reflects the endeavors of our specialists among our qualified national cadres for enhancing the quality of life. 

Director of Pharmaceutical Services, Dr. Abd al-Salam bin Ali al-Asiri, indicated that the department is working to raise the level of medical services, which called us to strive towards creating a number of electronic transactions in the pharmacy in an effort to provide the best services to patients and provide services in an advanced manner, where many advanced services were launched to ensure the optimal use of drug in an effective and safe manner. These services included the creation of a “barcode” for each drug that contains information about use of drug in a safe and effective manner, according to the latest medical and pharmaceutical information and references, and this barcode is fixed to packages of medicines where patients are educated about this modern mechanism while dispensing medication by the pharmacist, and activating the smart assistant service to answer all inquiries about pharmaceutical services and facilitate access to all information related to patients, including information about all medicines available in the therapeutic constitution, and their availability in the pharmacy along with reporting side effects. This service also allows requesting the delivery of treatment to patients' homes throughout the Kingdom.

Dr. Al-Asiri pointed out that all these services provided by the Pharmacy Department place us in an advanced rank and among the pioneers in providing advanced pharmaceutical services at the level of the Kingdom, and that we always strive to raise the level of health services, praising the support and follow-up from His Excellency the President of the University, the General Supervisor of the Hospital, Prof. Abdullah Al-Rubaish and the director of the hospital, Dr. Muhammad Al-Shahrani.

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Published on: 29 November 2022
Last update on: 29 November 2022
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