Professor Fatima Bint Abdullah Almulhim, Dean of the Community Service & Sustainable Development at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, founder of Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign in the Eastern Region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, confirmed in a report issued last 2018 that about 4000 female are suffering from breast cancer with an average age ranges from 45-50 while the average age in the Western States is between 55-60 years old.
Professor Fatima indicated that breast cancer is the number one type of cancer that affect most women worldwide.  It affects 30% of women compared to other types of cancer where the incidence of hereditary is less than 10%.
She also clarified that there are many reasons that increases the probability of affecting with breast cancer.  Among these reasons are: obesity which is considered as the most important reason beside early puberty and late menopausal which means exposing the body to more hormones for a longer period.  Another reason is unhealthy practices, eating unhealthy foods and lack of sporty exercises.  Professor Fatma also indicated that breast cancer is one of the highest types of cancer that affects women in the Kingdom especially in the Eastern Region and occupies the largest number of cases with a rate of 48 cases in each 100,000 women.  It also affects around 2 million women every year causing 600,000 death cases over the world.
Professor Fatima also added that breast cancer cannot be avoided.  She stated that the only major treatment of breast cancer is early detection which remains as the cornerstone and has a survival rate of above 90%, but it may decrease to 25% in case of late detection.