Dr. Feryal Al Omee an HR Development Researcher from the Ministry of Civil Service visited the Community College and presented a lecture titled Citizen's Conduct and a Nation's Responsibility among the College's "Social Media and Public Negative Conducts' Awareness Campaign" that was held on Tuesday 14th of Safar 1440 H. The lecture started with a group game that explains the lectures' concept. After that, individual, community and institutions' responsibilities, some regulations for conduct and dealings in the Ministry of the Civil Service were specified by Dr. Al Omee, and she mentioned that positive behaviors lead to future successes.

During the lecture, a video was presented about the impact of words upon others. Dr. Feryal Al Omee participated with mentioning different experiences and stories and she provided advice for self-control, dealing with anger and abusers.

The lecture ended by honoring and thanking Dr. Feryal Al Omee and expressing gratitude to the participation of the Ministry of Civil Service in the College's Awareness campaign.

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Published on: 19 November 2018
Last update on: 19 November 2018
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